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10 Fun Things to Do in the Boston Area with Kids this Summer

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08 January 2010, 19:36

1) The Children's Museum is a fun place to visit.

2) Before you leave Ireland, see if you can get a copy of Robert McCloskey's "Make Way for Ducklings" and read that to your children before you arrive in Boston. When you arrive, head over to the Public Garden to ride the swan boats and see the famous statues of the ducklings from the book.

3) If your children are age six or older, get tickets for the Duck Tours, which take you on a tour of the city in an amphibious vehicle. (This might not be a lot of fun for toddlers or younger kids.) After you've seen the major sights around the city, the "duck" will head right into the Charles River, transforming into a water vessel along the way. If your kids are lucky and the "ConDuckTour" is in a good mood, the little ones will get a chance to sit in the driver's seat and steer the boat. Loads of fun!

4) Quincy Market is also a favorite place, with a long corridor of stalls featuring foods of all kinds. Everyone in the family can pick whatever he or she likes best, and then you can head outside to watch the magicians, musicians, and acrobats who perform for spare change.


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Are you familiar with visiting moms?

There is a program through Jewish Family and Children's Services (you do NOT have to be Jewish to use their services) for new moms. Call and ask them about visiting moms. They have play groups and all sorts of mom and me groups and plenty of the moms are quite young. Get a Boston Parents Paper and read what's going on in their calendar section. And try the library kids entertainment. YOu'll meet people there too. Wait till it gets warm and hang out at a pool or lake. Plenty of new moms dying to chat.

Kerry criticizes Democrats for gay marriage

Kerry criticizes Mass. Democrats for gay marriage support
May 6, 2005
BATON ROUGE, La. -- U.S. Sen. John Kerry, visiting Louisiana for a forum on children's health care, criticized the Massachusetts Democratic Party for its expected approval of a statement in the party platform in support of same-sex marriage.
"I think it's a mistake," Kerry said. "I think it's the wrong thing, and I'm not sure it reflects the broad view of the Democratic Party in our state."
Kerry made the comments to The Boston Globe after hosting the event on his proposed KidsFirst Act, which would bring health care to uninsured children

Lorded Reinforced Stigma end:

And, the above rants are not even the half of my problems with people in my fifteen years living here in New England having been questioned 34 times in fifteen years by police: once having the police called on me for drinking a soda pop out of a paper bag on a stoop the day of the Boston Marathon 2013.
The best time I have ever had in my life was living in my truck on the West Coast between...ple are much more easy going out there: not like here on the East Coast, the Capital of Assholes!
I may just be well inclined with my reinforced stigma rant that this post is to take up residence under the bridge over I-95 where homeless people shit and give everyone their wish by slitting my own throat under the bridge over I-95 without any rescue possibility other than a State crematorium

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