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Boston Fall | Experience Parks, Leaves Turning Colors  March 3, 2013 – 10:59 am
Visiting Boston in October - Stay in a Hotel in Boston - Or

Boston is at its most beautiful in the fall. As the leaves turn, Boston's parks put on an unforgettable show, complementing the historic architecture.

A walk along the city's Freedom Trail now doubles as a foliage tour. It's a great time to visit Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace, as the crowds thin out, but the weather is still pleasant. On a cooler day, take a stroll through the gorgeous indoor courtyard of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

For sports fans, the New England Patriots kick off the football season at Gillette Stadium and the Red Sox chase another World Series title at Fenway.

No other region of the country displays fall's colors like New England. A trip north of Boston to Kittery, Maine, will make for a dazzling show-and provide plenty of great shopping opportunities at the Kittery Outlets. The Cape in the fall is made for romantics.

That's fall in Boston. Come see the season in all its glory.

Fall Weather

Monthly Avg
High Avg
Low Avg
September 73° 57° 3.5"
October 62° 46° 3.8"
November 58° 38° 4"
Temperatures are farenheit

What to Wear:
Bostonians dress smartly and simply. It can be unpredictably hot in early fall and quite cold late in the season. Be prepared for anything.

Day: If you're touring, wear comfy sneakers or sandals for walking. A light to heavy jacket is a good idea later in the season. Most tourist venues don't have dress codes, but check to be sure.

Evening: Consider your agenda; the theater tends to be dressier and some upscale restaurants require jackets. Nights are generally cool to cold.


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Visiting States for 2 months Cheap auto hire?

Hi from New Zealand
I am after some idea's about getting a cheap vehicle for 2 months while myself and partner are travelling around the east coast. We will be arriving in Boston mid August and leaving mid October.
We are ideally after a vehicle big enough to sleep in from time to time (mini van).
Options I have looked at are;
1, Buy a minivan (plymouth voyager or similar) for around $2000US (1997 100,000mi) and sell it again when we leave.
- Can anyone recommend insurance options for this?
- What are the legal requirements for non-residents, such as inspection, emission test, ownership papers etc

Hello Bay Area! I will be moving to SF with

My fiance in October. We've been living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama all our lives and we wanted to move to a beautiful and diverse city to start our family.
After visiting other cities (New York, LA, Dallas, SF, and Boston) we both agree that SF is the best place!
I was wondering if you can recomend a good recruiter to help me find a job in the Textile industry. Also, my fiance just graduated from the University of Alabama this June in Electrical Engineering, so any good leads there would be much appreciated.
We are so excited about our big move, see you all in October!
We are already working with a realtor to help us find a place in the Sunset District and realized the prices of houses there are high, but well worth it in our opinion.

Boston brunch?

I have family visiting from Europe in October and want to take them to brunch in Boston/Cambridge area - they love seafood and one is a gourmet chef but also gets a kick out of American fare........ any tips? Something NOT pretentious or too expensive please.
I'm not a brunch person but previously went to BlueRoom and hated it - too many people/small room and they had "seatings" so everyone was hitting the buffet at the same time and we ended up with people standing over our table (in line) the entire meal. Anything NOT like that is great! Thanks

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