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Boston Winter | Theater, Skiing, Snowfall, Museums, Restaurants  May 17, 2013 – 01:56 pm
A Star (Even in Winter) - Boston s New Waterfront - NYTimes

When a soft snowfall flutters down on Boston's Beacon Hill, the heart can't help but be filled with romance. The lamplit streets and cobblestone alleys create a picture postcard of New England that you'll cherish forever. And if you wish to explore outside of Boston city limits, a stay at a Bed & Breakfast in any wintry colonial town is the perfect winter getaway.

Of course, the winter season in Boston Massachusetts is not just for couples. There's plenty to do in town for everyone: Educational museums, thrilling theaters, and delightful dining abound.

Over in the North End, the TD BankNorth Garden is the place for sports fans in winter-both the Bruins and Celtics play here. New England has some of the best Massachusetts ski resorts, many within a short drive of Boston.

That's Boston in the winter. Come discover the beauty and warmth of the season.

Winter Weather

Month Avg High Avg Low Avg Precipitation
December 42° 28° 3.9"
January 37° 22° 3"
February 39° 24° 3.4"

Temperatures are farenheit

What to Wear:

Bostonians dress smartly and simply. It's cold and often snows. Full winter gear is a must.

Day: If you're touring, you'll want comfy sneakers or waterproof boots. Most tourist venues don't have dress codes, but check to be sure.

Evening: Consider your agenda; the theater tends to be dressier and some upscale restaurants require jackets.


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It's winter in boston.. we dont have sun

Not to mention it's cold and aimlessly roaming the city just makes me wallow more
whats bugging me the most is that i damn near never want to go out.. and just because i've been wanting to go out. there's nobody to go anywhere with, i dunno anybody to go visit, and every time i try and talk to somebody local they drop off the face of the planet

NYC winter

I didn't find the winters in NYC that bad--snow melted pretty quickly in the City b/c of the warmth from the subways. However, one winter I took a train from NYC to visit friends in Boston. Now Boston is COOOOLD!!! I was amazed that a two-hour train ride could result in such a freezing temperature change!

If you are from SF, I'd visit the

Winter. Living in New england is great IMHO and NH can be really nice depending on what you like. There are some quaint little towns and some larger cities as well. Those closer to the Mass border are pretty pricy becuase now its conisdered the new commuter community to Boston (hellacious commute BTW).
Where would you guys be looking for employment? That is a huge factor to consider as NH is not a small state (OK, its not California but its still long).

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Boston in the winter
Boston in the winter
Winter Storm NEMO Blizzard in Boston …
Winter Storm NEMO Blizzard in Boston …

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