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Free Things to Do in Boston -- National Geographic

The world's oldest commissioned warship (dubbed "Old Ironsides" thanks to her seemingly impenetrable oak hull), was launched in 1797. Even landlubbers... Read more

Boston is the undisputed epicenter of American History. Much of the political ferment that spawned the nation took place here, and visitors are... Read more

Locals mark off the seasons by checking the sports lineup. The "Boys of Summer" arrive each spring, and the Bruins come out of hibernation in... Read more

Costs add up when you're traveling with kids, so do your wallet a favor and download a "Family Friendly ValuePass" Read more

Freedom may not be free, but the Freedom Trail is. So are 13 of the 16 attractions lining its route, and many of those individual sites offer... Read more

For baseball fans of any age a trip to Fenway Park is a religious pilgrimage to see the home of former baseball greats such as Ted Williams and... Read more


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