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Top Things to Do & Places to Visit in Boston  April 22, 2015 – 06:23 pm

Few U.S. cities can claim the history that Boston offers as a matter of course. From the clock tower that sent Paul Revere on his midnight ride to neighborhoods that have changed little for generations, Boston has much to offer. And for those who want to immerse themselves both in Beantown's history and modern points of interest, below is a list of Boston's top things to do. Wise travelers will take advantage of the "T, " the nation's first subway line, as well as heeding Boston's moniker as "America's Walking City."

New England Aquarium

New England Aquarium

With the four-story Giant Ocean Tank as its centerpiece, the New England Aquarium features more than 40, 000 creatures, including Myrtle, a 500-pound (227 kilograms) green sea turtle that reigns within. Elsewhere, penguins and sea dragons beckon, while Atlantic harbor seals romp in a natural setting. Be sure to visit the Edge of the Sea touch tank, the East Coast’s largest hands-on tidal pool experience, with bonnethead sharks and cownose rays.

Museum of Science

Three levels of engaging exhibits showcase the museum’s theme: "Science is an activity." Discovery Center is a haven for children under the age of 8, with activities designed just for them. Savvy older siblings can visit with Ada and Grace, the two virtual guides in Cahners ComputerPlace. Everyone can enjoy the indoor lightning show created by the world’s largest Van de Graaff generator and the Charles Hayden Planetarium which reopened in early 2011 after a $9 million renovation.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Opened in 1998 to become the public face of three research museums, the Harvard Museum of Natural History boasts more than 12, 000 specimens, including the spectacular Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Flowers, astonishing both for their beauty and botanical accuracy. Before leaving the museum, be sure to see the 42-foot (13 meters) skeleton of Kronosaurus, a prehistoric marine reptile; the 1, 600-pound (726 kilograms) amethyst geode; and the Great Mammal Hall.

Skywalk Observatory

As New England’s tallest vantage point, Skywalk Observatory offers 360-degree views of Boston and its surroundings from 750 feet (229 meters) above the ground. "Acoustiguide" audio players provide age-appropriate facts while detailing the view below, while the on-site Dreams of Freedom Museum celebrates the contributions of the city’s many ethnic groups. Wings over Boston, a video aerial tour of the city, lets visitors soar above their surroundings.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

With an art collection that spans the globe as well as the history of mankind, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, features works by Degas, Gauguin, Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt and Renoir, to name a few. The new Art of the Americas Wing, which opened in November 2011, adds 51, 338 square feet (4, 769 square meters) to the museum, doubling the number of works from the collection that can be on view at a single time.


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If you are planning day trips, the cities I

Mentioned are between and hour and two hours driving. Beautiful scenery and little quaint places all over. Lots to explore. I'm only good with Boston for about 3 days. Then I need a more country atmosphere.
Your visit probably misses all the seafood festivals. They are probably all before and after your vacation.
Portsmouth is a cute town. Visit the area around Congress Street. Cute restaurants, bakeries, health food store, sort of a town square where music shows up even when not scheduled by the city.
Visit the old houses by the ocean. The number plates aren't addresses

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