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Cardiology jobs in Boston Massachusetts  October 8, 2013 – 07:30 am
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Cardiology Jobs in Boston, Massachusetts

Cardiology jobs in Boston most often include as a stipulation Cardiology board certification (or eligibility) and a current Massachusetts medical license. Having done a Cardiology residency or fellowship in Massachusetts is often helpful because it means the physician is familiar with MA BCBS and Medicaid procedures.

Cardiology salaries for the east region of the U.S., including Boston, MA, average around $349, 369. On the other hand the national average Cardiology salary is $398, 034, meaning Cardiology jobs in Boston pay approximately 87.8% of the national mean.

Thanks to unusual insurance and tort policies of Massachusetts, attention should be paid to topics like state tort reform proposals.

Moreover, the effect of the federal PPAC Act on patient loads for Cardiology practices is not yet obvious.


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