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Boston Common Visitor's Information Center Events & Information - Boston, MA  February 16, 2013 – 12:29 pm
Boston MA Tourist Information May 25, 2012 - jwurtsbaugh

The cashier tried to rip me off!

Visiting Boston, I went to the Visitor's Information Center at Boston Common on Friday May 18, 2012, in the early afternoon. I brought a $1 Boston walking map up to the counter, gave the cashier a ten-dollar-bill. I looked away for a second, and she said, "You're all set." I replied, "Huh?" and she said again, "You're all set." I said, "That was a ten, " and she just said "mm-hmm" but didn't look me in the eye after that, just gave me the $9 change without a word.

Honest mistake? I THINK NOT! I was a cashier for 8 years and let me tell you I NEVER once mistook a $1 bill for a $10 bill! She was obviously hoping I was sufficiently spaced out like many tourists are, and she could pocket $9. If you go here, AVOID the heavyset young woman cashier with reddish brown hair!!!


Capitol crime: religious right spreads lies about new Congressional Visitor Center.: An article from: Church & State
Book (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)

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Try Nat. Park Ser. visitor center number below.

My take is Boston is known it historical signicance. if they have winter guided tours, I recommend a portion of the Freedom Trail originating near State St. MBTA subway station. There is city visitor center there where tours originate. The NPS rangers will reveal what is possible and you might request the city visitor guide and some brochures if time permits. Here are some links to: subway map, logan airport, national park service info (nice summary of freedom trail), and MBTA (subway) schedules to get from airport, etc. I would assume you are coming from logan airport. Good luck and have a great time

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