Boston Store credit card payment

Gift Cards Terms & Conditions  September 13, 2012 – 09:20 am
West Coast biz moves to Boston, promises to simplify online

Terms and Conditions

Gift Cards are redeemable for merchandise and services only.

Gift Cards are not currently redeemable online for selected gallery furniture and mattress purchases that require scheduling delivery appointments. See individual product page for more information.

Up to 4 gift cards may be applied to a single online order. Certain older gift cards may only be redeemed in our stores.

May not be used to make a payment on a credit account. Not redeemable for cash unless required by law. Cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. For your gift card balance, please visit here or My Account or call 1-866-875-3233.

Gift cards are redeemable online and at Bon-Ton, Bergner's, Boston Store, Carson's, Elder-Beerman, Herberger's, Parisian (Detroit area) and Younkers store locations.

See our Store Locator to find a complete list of our store locations.


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In March

A man living in Newtown near Boston Massachusetts
received a bill for his as yet unused credit card stating that he owed $0.00. He ignored it and threw it away.
In April he received another and threw that one away too. The following month the credit card
company sent him a very nasty note stating they were going to cancel his card if he didn't send them $0.00 by return of post.
He called them, talked to them, they said it was a computer error and told him they'd take care of it. The following month he decided that it was about time that he tried out the troublesome credit card figuring that if there were purchases on his account it would put an end to his ridiculous predicament

Ebay customers are sometimes the worst

1. Dude receives merchandise. Trys to return it for full cash refund three months after he receives it. Is pissed that he doesn't get full
cash refund even though the store policy CLEARLY states "No questions asked returns accepted for 30 days after you sign for the item. NO
2. Dude orders three items and only pays for two. Dude gets pissed that he only gets two items. Writes that I'm a ripoff artist.
3. Dude orders from Nigeria (ha!), wants my full legal name, where I live, and my bank account number before he'll send payment

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Paying the Department Store Credit Card Bill
Paying the Department Store Credit Card Bill
Reasons to Avoid Store Credit Cards
Reasons to Avoid Store Credit Cards
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Credit and debit card payments with your …
Identity Stronghold Identity Stronghold Secure Sleeve / Case for ID & Credit Card
Office Product (Identity Stronghold)
  • * ABACUS24-7 BRANDED PRODUCT * - FIPS 201 Approved by the US Government as Electromagnetically Opaque Shield
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