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The Tour Bus Parking Map is designed to help tour bus operators travel between destinations quickly and efficiently. Locations around Boston are identified on the map for tour bus drop-off/pick-up and for long-term (layover) bus parking. The map contains detailed information regarding tour bus regulations and contact information for tour bus operators. Tourist attractions and hotels are also indicated on this map. As a result of this public information, visitors and residents alike will be better directed throughout the streets of Boston as well as informed of the city's anti-idling enforcement activities.

The Tour Bus Parking Guidelines map is a product of the Tourism Transportation Task Force and was prepared by BTD. The Task Force, co- chaired by BTD and Move Massachusetts, consists of many members from both the tourism industry and from Boston's neighborhoods, working together to improve urban transportation for residents and visitors alike.


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Do any cities have a manufacturing base now?

Those days are long gone for all US cities
Chicago, SF, Boston, NYC came out of that past
Cleavland, Detroit, Buffalo not so much
SF is a small city in a very wealthy and vibrant region and they are totally interconnected and that isn't changing
A working waterfront which was the basis of what you are talking about has been long gone for decades
For all cities the era of corporate headquarters in cities is ending too
The next era is 24 hour lifestyle downtowns, tourism, entertainment, and start-ups. Just the way it is
In most ways the city looks better than it ever has

Hopeful Insomniacs Invade Boston

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Hopeful Insomniacs Invade Boston
The nation’s sleepless, in dire need of rest, are converging upon Boston for the Democratic National Convention, according to the Beantown Travel & Tourism Agency.
"We’ve heard rumors about how John Kerry speeches are popular among insomniacs," said the BTTA spokesman Marty Rossi.
Rossi observed that people "wearing ratty bathrobes" and "shuffling about the streets in slippers" are seen on most city corners.
An insomniac who requested anonymity said he "hasn’t slept like a baby since ’88," when Michael Dukakis rendered thousands groggy during that year’s DNC

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