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Archives Guide ~ Arts, Tourism and Special Events (0272)

Historical note

The Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism, and Special Events (MOATSE) is the name for the office that currently fulfills the duties of the Office of Arts and Humanities and the Office of Business and Cultural Development. The Office of Arts and Humanities was established by the City Council (C.B.C. Ord. 15-9) in 1986 at the request of then Mayor, Raymond L. Flynn. Its purpose was to stimulate and support efforts to preserve and develop cultural facilities in the City of Boston. The Office of Business and Cultural Development was established by the City Council in 1984 (Ord. 1984, c. 15) in order to provide assistance to the cultural, business, and residential communities of Boston. The office worked actively with the tourism, convention, and hospitality industries on programs to market and to promote the City of Boston as a visitor destination.
In 2004, Mayor Thomas M. Menino merged the Mayor’s Office of Special Events, Tourism, and Film and the Office of Cultural Affairs under the Office of Arts and Humanities. The new office was named the Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism, and Special Events. The MOATSE carries on and supports the duties and responsibilities of both the Office of Arts and Humanities and the Office of Business and Cultural Development through its sponsorship and promotion of numerous cultural events, public art exhibits, concerts, and festivals. In conjunction with these duties, the MOATSE serves as an umbrella office for the Boston Cultural Council, the Boston Arts Lottery Council, the Boston Art Commission, and the Office of Special Events, Tourism, and Film.

0272.001 Arts Festival records 1952-1964 1 record carton, 6 volumes

Scope and Contents note
The bulk of the material in this collection consists of news clippings and scrapbooks, 1952-1954 and 1962-1963, covering all aspects of the festival including performances, awardwinning works, events and programming, community involvement, and critical response. Also included in the collection are the 10th Anniversary Report of 1962, covering expenses, fundraising and programming; Executive Committee minutes, 1958-1964; trustees meeting minutes, 1952 and 1954-1958; income sources; membership mailings; and press releases.

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0272.100 Art Commission
Historical note
The Boston Art Commission, established in 1890, is the oldest municipal art commission in the United States. Originally a fully independent body, the Art Commission was brought together with five other commissions to form the Environment Department in 1982 (Acts, 1982, Chap. 624). This act’s purpose was to coordinate the related concerns of all six commissions and streamline the use of each body’s staff resources. Under the Environment Department, the Art Commission (as well as the other five) retained its independence to carry out its statutory obligations. In 1986, the Art Commission was reorganized as a board within the Office of Arts and Humanities (Ord. 1986, c. 4 § 2). The Mayor appoints the Art Commission; it consists of five Boston residents, each representing a Boston cultural institution. The Boston Art Commission exercises legal authority to approve and site new public art on property owned by the City of Boston. In addition, the Art Commission preserves and protects all monuments, paintings, statues, fountains and memorials on City property.


Visitors and tourists to Boston, 1978-1980 ([BRA Research Department publications)
Book (Boston Redevelopment Authority)

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