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Custom Cardboard Boxes Boston  March 2, 2015 – 06:43 am
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Custom Cardboard Boxes in Boston are actually the common term for corrugated containers. Whether you plan to move out of your house or perhaps want to have the perfect custom-designed boxes for your business, custom cardboard boxes have an answer to all of your packaging needs.

So why choose custom-designed cardboard boxes? This grew out from the need of right sizing of boxes. Right sizing of boxes means the perfect fit in packaging. This immediately eliminates shipping damages and costs due to the wrong sizes of boxes. You can also save money by reducing the cube weight of the stuff you need to be shipped or delivered.

By customizing box designs, a proactive approach is taken for the environment. Custom-designed boxes reduce shipping costs by shipping less air and filling with the exact fit that customers specify. They also practice corporate responsibility by reducing waste since the Custom Cardboard Boxes in Boston are 95% post consumer recycled corrugated linerboard.

Our site Custom Cardboard Boxes in Boston offers a one-stop shop in choosing the boxes you need. You can choose any box style you want from a variety of choices. You can also choose the board strength you need, whether the box is single-wall or double wall. A single wall box offers medium protection yet still allows for maximum shipping density. A double wall, on the other hand, offers maximum protection due to a strong grade of packaging material.

They also give you the option of typing in the box measurements and quantity of boxes you want. This is perfect for businesses who want to order packaging materials in bulk without the regret of losing so much money in shipping costs. You won’t even have to worry about your budget since the site has an automated system that tells you how much the overall price of your order is.

There are various types of box designs available which answers to the different needs of customers. You may opt for the regulated slotted container box which is perfect for moving out of the house or storing your things inside. They also have a folder/mailer box which is custom-designed for books, papers and other printed sheets. Such design avoids the possibility of damage to whatever thing you need to be shipped or delivered.

Custom Cardboard Boxes in Boston also offers a type of box which has friction-lock ends and a folded over lid which is perfect for storing office equipment, furniture or any other belongings. Other products they offer online include a 5-panel wrap which is perfect for long and narrow items, and a pad sheet which you could order to separate packed things. By having the accurate dimension to whatever stuff you want to be shipped, you save on shipping costs compared to using non-customized boxes.

In conclusion, you can never go wrong with our Custom Cardboard Boxes for your Boston home or business needs because of the practical design and variety of the products we offer. We help you save money in shipping costs due to the custom-design boxes and, you help save the environment by buying recycled corrugated linerboard.

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