Boston Marathon Tourism

Boston Marathon Bombing A Lesson For The Hospitality, Travel And Tourism Industry: Terrorism Is Here To Stay  April 10, 2015 – 02:48 pm

By James Braver And Dov Shiloh Dov Shiloh

Box cutters, pressure cookers, shoes, and backpacks. Not considered to be sophisticated weapons or technologies but these are examples of the weapons used to temporarily halt entire economies, prevent travel, and terrify millions in regions where terrorism strikes.

Following the Boston Marathon Bombing, the hospitality industry was deeply affected as hotels were practically closed down in Boston and surrounding areas. Travel was impeded, restaurants closed and tourism ground to a halt. The hospitality industry is now faced with the painful truth of the severe economic consequences of a single terrorism event which collectively affects entire areas. There have been scores of attacks on hotels around the globe, and management must do more to mitigate losses to life and property as well as to their profits.

The Boston Marathon Bombing tragedy is, yet again, another example of the fact that terrorism is here to stay. No longer is the mantra 'It will never happen (again)'. In the many years since 9-11, Americans have grown passive, as apathetic public and officials lowered their guard now that Osama Bin Laden is gone. The Boston Marathon Bombing occurred during a public event, a major sporting event and focus for international travel and tourism. One of the terrorists’ bombs exploded right across the street from the Lenox Hotel in Boston.

This mega-event is an example of the scores of annual attractions throughout the country and the world drawing tourists from places far away. 4th of July and New Years celebrations, marathons, business conventions, etc., draw large crowds and extensive press coverage, and terrorists eye these events as perfect potential soft targets. The term 'soft' applies to low profile, high value targets.

It has always been one of the main premises of the Israeli government that 'Terrorism is here to Stay'. In Israel, although the public does lapse into occasional periods of collective off-guardedness, thanks to Israel's national anti-terror strategy, the fact that terrorism is here to stay is publically accepted. The Israeli public understands that terrorism is something one lives with and that to varying degrees, it can be managed. It can either be prevented or, at the least, minimized in terms of damage and loss of life if an incident does occur. This attitude can be analogous to that of the population living in central US states where tornadoes are a way of life.

The most significant consequence and goal of indiscriminate terrorism is to affect the freedoms of a western democracy: in the Boston area, many cities and towns were shut down as millions had to stay at home and miss work. Businesses closed and transportation was halted. Boston and the western suburbs came to a virtual halt. These losses translated in financial terms in the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Examples such as Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing and mall active shooters are evidence that we are not completely safe anymore whether from foreign or homegrown terrorism.


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