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What is a Green Hotel?

This is a question that perplexes many hospitality industry professionals. There is no single standard that is universally accepted. Common categories of environmental friendliness include:

•energy efficiency
•waste management
•water use efficiency
•the purchase of environmentally-friendly products
•toxic use reduction
•the education of guests and staff

At Boston Green Tourism, we give energy efficiency the most consideration, because the use of fossil fuel is most closely associated with the world’s greatest environmental problem, global warming. Others give more weight to waste management or indoor air quality.

Whatever a hotel’s strengths, how could it prove that it is environmentally-friendly? The clearest way is to become certified by an independent body. There are five certifications that Boston Green Tourism accepts:

•U.S. EPA Energy Star for Hospitality
•U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Program
•Green Key Eco-Rating Program
•Green Seal for Lodging Properties
•EcoRooms & EcoSuites


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More facts..

Get this. SanFrancisco is 47 square miles. and Boston is 48 square miles. SanFrancisco is at the tip of a peninsula..Boston is also at the Tip of a Peninsula. SanFrancisco has a strong Irish History..and it goes without saying that Boston does too!!
600,000 people live in Boston..and 780,000 people live in SanFrancisco..SanFrancisco has a strong history of does Boston. SanFrancisco stresses its historical does Boston..Tourism plays a significant part of Boston..and it does so also in SanFrancisco...Boston is a city on is SanFrancisco.
the Boston Globe says that SAnFrancisco is a 'testtube' for Boston

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