Boston Vacation Attractions

Boston Vacation Attractions  March 15, 2015 – 02:41 am

Fanueil Hall MarketplaceEach year 12 million people from across North America and the globe come to enjoy Boston vacation attractions. The city is vibrant and thrives on its cultural facilities and historical education sites. After playing a pivotal role in the American Revolution Boston will forever be a significant city marked in American history.

Boston is the social and commercial hub of most New England vacations and more than capable of entertaining and accommodating visitors as very few other cities can.Old North ChurchSome of the more popular Boston vacation attractions include shopping at Fanueil Hall Marketplace,visiting Old North Church,taking a tour of the State Capitol and strolling through the Boston Commons (America’s oldest park).

Boston’s Fanueil Hall Marketplace

Faneuil Hall was constructed in 1742 by one of Boston’s most affluent merchants,Peter Faneuil,and then generously donated to the city. It quickly became an active marketplace for various merchants,meat producers and fishermen. As a town gathering place it was also where colonists protested the Sugar Act in 1764 and created the doctrine of “no taxation without representation.”

Quincy market was added to the shopping marketplace in 1826 and the area remained the business hub into the early 1900’s. Unfortunately,it fell into disrepair in the mid-1900s and by the 1970’s Faneuil Hall was set to be demolished. Thanks to a group committed to preserving Boston’s heritage,the buildings were revitalized which gave a massive facelift to Boston’s downtown core.

Today the urban marketplace is a social hub for Boston residents,vacationers and visitors alike. Over 18 million people visit Faneuil Hall Marketplace each year to enjoy its shops,restaurants and entertainment.

Old North Church

The Old North Church in Boston is also known as Christ Church in the City of Boston. Services are still held at this site both Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings but it has become more than just a place of worship; it has also become a popular Boston vacation attraction.

The Old North Church is also a Historical and Architectural Site. In 1775,Robert Newman made the church’s steeple famous by holding up two lanterns as a signal to Paul Revere that the British were invading by sea and not by land. Inevitably,this event started the American Revolution.

Boston State Capital Boston Common


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