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Boston - Unusual Attractions & Day Trips

Boston is usually known for its historical buildings and places of interest and, sure, it has plenty of these. But Boston also has some interesting and off-beat sights to see and I think these are some of the best tourist attractions in Boston. So, the next time you go to Boston, stay away from the usual tourist attractions and visit these more unusual places instead.

The Duck Tour - I think this is the absolute best tourist attraction in Boston. The "DUCK"in question is a World War II amphibious vehicle and it tours you all around Boston seeing some of the most famous sights of the city. There's a tour guide aboard, who will give you a great narration of Boston history then, towards the end, the DUCK will actually leave land and head into the Charles River. Really cool - literally.

Quincy Market and Fanueil Hall - definitely a place you must see. Quincy Market is an enormous two storey building that houses tons of restaurants, cafes, food shops etc. Here you can get some of the best and most reasonable food in Boston. Also, at each end of the market there are two open-air areas where, any day of the week, you will be able to see street performers - jugglers, musicians, mime artists and more. A great place for lunch and then some after-lunch entertainment.

Fenway Park - maybe not so unique but it's uniquely Boston and a place that every Bostonian is so proud of. Home of the Red Sox, you've got to see a game while you're in town. If they're not at home, you still need to do the Fenway tour. So, head down to Fenway Park, check out an amazing piece of sports history and buy something at the gift shop while you're at it.

The Sam Adams Brewery Tour - come on, if you like beer, you can't miss the Sam Adams Brewery Tour. This is the original Samuel Adams Brewery (there are more around the country now), and the tour is free. When you get there you get a couple of small glasses of Sam Adams beer (two different types) to try, then you get to see how the beer is made. At the end of the tour, you'll get a couple more samples and get to leave with some special Sam Adams commemorative glasses.

Salem Witch Museum - you cannot leave Boston without visiting the Salem Witch Museum. Everything you could ever want to know about the 1692 Salem Witch trials, and it even looks like an old spooky castle, which adds to the fun. Also check out the museum store - they have some awesome clothing, jewelry and even fun cool stuff like tarot cards and crystal balls.


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