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Boston Travel Guide - Plan Your Trip to Boston and Cambridge from New England Travel  April 30, 2015 – 07:11 pm

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Plan Your Trip to Boston and Cambridge

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Boston isn't just the capital of Massachusetts--it can truly be considered New England's capital. Beantown can't be beat for historic intrigue, fine hotels,family attractions,shopping that runs the gamut from antiques to trendy boutiques,multicultural dining experiences, theater and other performances,public events and festivals and,of course,pubs! (Continued Below)

Whether you've visited Boston many times or only know the city through impressions formed by watching episodes of Cheers or Ally McBeal, this travel guide is designed to help you plan your trip from start to finish. Find and reserve lodging,design an itinerary that's perfect for you and your traveling companions and discover all of the treats the city is known for,plus a few less-well-known Boston haunts,too.Otter Photo

Boston Feature Articles

Walk the Line
A walk along the two-and-a-half-mile Freedom Trail is one of the best ways to get acquainted with Boston and to efficiently visit the city's bounty of historic landmarks.

Must-See Sights in Boston
What are the must-see sights in Boston? For first-time visitors or others who have only spent a short stay in Boston,here is New England travel writer Kim Knox Beckius's picks for the 10 must-see attractions in Boston,Massachusetts.Picture of Oysters at Union Oyster House restaurant,Boston

The Most Unique Tours of Boston
From amphibious tours in a WW II-era "Duck" to PhotoWalks to customized private tours,here are some of the most interesting ways to tour Boston,whether it's your first visit or you're hoping to see and experience something new.

See Sam Brew
Tour the Samuel Adams Brewery to learn about the history of beer in Boston, see how Sam Adams beers are made and even sample a brew or two.

Boston's Most Wired Hotels
Looking for a Boston hotel with Wi-Fi wireless Internet access,in-room high-speed Ethernet Internet connections,and other helpful business amenities? Here is your guide to some of Boston's most wired hotels. These business-friendly hotel choices will help you stay connected to your office and home while on the road in Boston.


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New transit+walking link --

HopStop: How to Get There Without a Car

If you ever need door-to-door walking or public transportation directions, this is the website you've been waiting for (think Mapquest for walkers)! It currently includes coverage of 5 major cities: Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco. You can select preferences for just walking, or combination of public transportation and walking. You can also search the city directory for local restaurants and other attractions.

Tested it using some cambridge/newton addresses and
my friend's brooklyn/nyc coordinates -- check out the panoramic view and walking direction pointer! Very useful for when you pop up from a subway station and aren't sure which way to head up/down/across the street

I live in lowell I suggest cambridge

Yes there are plenty of bad parts but that comes with the terrioty of a city of that population. It's a trade off the smaller cities don't have as much going on in the culture dept but the larger cities do have the culture but that comes with some unpleasantness. For instance this weekend i went to the chinese moon festival and we have plenty of muesums. The jack kerouac exhibit is still in town until oct 14. Umass lowell is hosting the 5th congressional debate. The summer concert series and the plays at the auditorum are also nice. There is also a lot more if you search. So if you dont move to lowell make sure to google once in a while for cultural attractions

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